SharePoint and SSL – Configuring https for SharePoint on Windows Server 2008 IIS7



You would like your windows Server 2008 instance of SharePoint to respond to https.


Start computer management

Select the Internet Information Services role

Double click on Server Certificates

In the actions menu Create Self Signed Certificate (or if you are using these instructions for a production instance you can import your new certificate to IIS here as well.

Provide a friendly name for your cert

Right mouse key on your SharePoint web application and select Edit Bindings

In the bindings window add a new binding

Select SSL Settings for the SharePoint web application you’d like to communicate with via SSL / https.

Bind your certificate to “https” for the necessary IP addresses. Please note that port 443 is the default SSL port so don’t change that setting unless you are planning on providing the servername and port number to your end users (e.g. https://sharepoint:42843/)

Now launch your website with the https prefix in the url, if you followed these directions closely you will receive a certificate error since your self signed certificate was not provisioned by a valid certificate authority such as Verisign.


If you need to get a real SSL certificate instead of a self signed version you can browse the trusted certificate authorities in your browser